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Ansa suggestion: trip to the dreamfull city of Karpenissi

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"It is located 78 km from Lamia. It is a large mountain town on the slope of Velouchi mountain, the ancient Tymfristos, with impressive alpine scenery.
During the Ottoman rule, it was largely developed and was a commercial, administrative and ecclesiastical center of the region. There was a high school from 1645 to 1814 for higher education. Founder of the School was Eugenios Giannoulis Aetolos.
After the revolution of 1821 and for several years was called Ochalia. Excursions to the surrounding areas will be unforgettable. You can also climb on Tymfristos, where there is a shelter. (Along with specialized clubs, there are innumerable alternatives to hiking, trekking, mountaineering, excursions and other activities). The hotels and hostels are too many and are ready to welcome you. You will receive and feel many hospitality surprises from the locals. The above quote is a simple introduction from the Blue Guide to the Karpenisi landscape, which is hard to describe in a few words. But we will try it in the next year. 2019-05-02 Athens.
On the occasion of a wonderful excursion with accommodation and visits to monasteries and villages, we suggest that you choose to rent one of the quality cars of and travel the fastest way to this beautiful mountain town.

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