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Chalkida Eretria Negroponte Resort 5*

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Chalkis: Where the Aristotle meets Scaribas !
Eretria: Where the Menedemos stays in Negroponte Hotel!
Journey from the past towards the present
This route is offered by ANSA CAR RENTAL
How do these names relate to each other?
Chalkida is a beautiful city with history, sea and mountain.
The route from Athens to Euboea is perfect.

The Highway to Chalkida offers you a very nice landscape. As you approach, you can see the central mountains of Evia (Dirfy) that are moving from the north to west and from south to east depending on the turns of the road.

At the entrance of the island, George Papanikolaou (via its bust) (Pap-test) waits for you. This bust is right before the bridge and it is worthy to park and see it and also to see the view of the Evoikos gulf that looks like a river.

Just a few kilometers further down, the dilemma is Chalkis or Eretria? However, you will easily surpass it, as a little further outside Eretria you will find Negroponte Resort Eretria 5***** for a very long weekend or long Merry Christmas and the road to Eretria welcomes you with impatience.

We visited the hotel complex a quiet Monday on purpose to warm up our next break. The weather in the afternoon was mild, the sea calm and friendly and the clouds in the horizon were playing hide-and-seek with the sun.

The proud entrance of the hotel Negroponte probably were waiting for her photographers. When it saw us he was very pleased..

The lobby of the hotel well-cared with relaxing lounges and with a communicative reception that escapes from the established ones. First-class courtesans and answers to the clarifying questions about the hotel's Christmas program are very satisfying. The verbal tour of the hotel was perfect.

One of the big assets of the hotel is the baman Nikos, eager, confident in his art, a 100% professional. He has hundreds of real friends who visit the hotel because of him.

The company is run by a team of Stratis family executives who each have their own roles. They are framed by competent professionals and staff that together with the infrastructure supports and feeds the excellent reputation of the 5-star hotel.

We guess that if Menedemos lived today, he would be violating his principles and would be visiting Negroponte Resort to get the experience of Chef's Lambros gastronomic food preparations.

Time and road urgently demand a return while abandoning the idea of ​​Eretria's visit, which we leave for you. But this time on our way back to Athens we will pass from Chalkida to learn about the new Arethousa Museum and see Skarimpa's bust to talk with the fans of Euripus and Aristotle' bust at the Euripus Knot. Chalkis is the prelude and aftertaste of the island of Evia, since for lunch we have tried a wonderful stay "Negroponte Resort Eretria *****".

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