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Trip to mythical Salamina

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Nature has made its gifts. The history (or struggles of the peoples for freedom and independence) does not give gifts but pays strong locations and makes them immortal. So Salamina is known in the history of civilization as a very powerful location (island name) and a monument that deserves to know its history and much more when visit it. You will be amazed by the alternations of the landscape, the color of the sky and nature, the curves of the earth that blends with the sea and the courtships of the beautiful skulls with its bare body. You do not need much thought, time and money. You need a car, a smart phone, a local map of Piraeus and Salamis for practical reasons. You need a sunshade hat, a good camera, a grass knife (for thyme), sports shoes, a tourist guide, a book, appetite, good mood, observability, artistic Look, and zeal for exploration. Of course all mixed up with good music, good coffee and ice cream. Streets and signage satisfactory, many churches, little towns and neighborhoods groomed, houses well preserved.
A few words about the interesting places of Salamis.
The ferry will take you to Paloukia. You will head south to see the site of the ancient harbor of Salamis with traces of facilities and a beautiful white color monument. The site is a habitat and full shell. To the south and east, the imposing monument of the Salamamachans, who, with boldness, prowess, shield and arrows, defeated and expelled the Persians to Faliro - Asia. The road will invite you south towards Aantio (*). It will give you the opportunity to visit the famous cave of Euripides and the Mycenaean palace - the Acropolis of Canakka. But you will leave this visit for another time when you have to spend more time. Follow the coastal road to Agios Nikolaos Avenue to reach a beautiful bay with the countless wooden or cement stairs. Choose armchairs and table for a delightful coffee with a view or tavern for squid and anchovies at economical prices.
Excellent impressions, unforgettable moments many promises are calling for a rebound.
Round Salamis here:
Mythical, historic island of Salamis. When you see the countless bays of the sea and the inner morphology of its territory, you will understand why the Sophocles "Aia" tragedy is so interesting. "Exorcist Salamis, powerful, revered everywhere and trios (tributeous)" Aia: "huge", "humble", "awesome," "folk hero for the Athenians" son of King Salamis Telamonas, tragic hero of the wars of Troy (Not withstanding insult)

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