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  • Chalkida - Eretria
  • Chalkida Eretria Negroponte Resort 5* Chalkis: Where the Aristotle meets Scaribas ! Eretria: Where the Menedemos stays in Negroponte Hotel! Journey from the past towards the present This route is offered by ANSA CAR RENTAL How do these names relate to each other? Chalkida is a beautiful city with history,
  • Melanie the former name of EretriaMelanie the former name of Eretria (Strabo, Geography, C447) In antiquity it was the next after Halkida, an important city of the island. Participates with other Evian cities in Trojan War (Iliad, B 537) and the 8th century BC participates in the colonization of the coasts of Macedon, Corfu, but mainly
  • A day on EviaWe don’t know whether the town of Chalkida, or the island of Evia (sometimes written as Euboea) in general, is included in your plans, but we are most enthusiastic about our own experiences in both. It’s hard for the administration to accept that Evia is an island. The state, officials and others
  • Proposals for trips all over Greece Greece is a destination for which one, two or even three visits are not enough; you will need many to appreciate it fully. The experience of visiting its leading monuments, which the ancient Greeks wisely built on geographical sites of sublime beauty, is unique. Greece forever! For you to enjoy this

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