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  • Τι θα βρείτε στο blog της Ansa To blog, ας φιλοσοφήσουμε και λίγο.. Αθήνα 12/4/2016 Θα ήταν πολύ εύκολο για μας, να ακολουθήσουμε την πεπατημένη. Δηλαδή, copy paste κείμενα, επαναλήψεις, φωτογραφίες από το internet
  • Proposals for trips all over Greece
  • Meet May and Apollo in Delphi with Ansa Car Rental
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  • Book a car for a day and Tyrins is not away! Tiryns impressive monument! (Click here for original photographs of the monument after the visit of ANSA) If today Greek and foreign visitors enjoy a very special and well preserved archaeological place this is due to the works of reconstitution (reconstruction) and improvement refunded by the European
  • With guide the History on the edge of the Ocean.. With guide the History on the edge of the Ocean.. (Click here for original photographs of the monument after the visit of ANSA) A fully straight avenue of km starts from the heart of Athens, and goes ahead south towards the sea. It is the same sea which 2500 years ago watered the Athens feet and
  • Driving in the center of Athens Driving in the center of Athens (Constitution Square) See photo album here We do not feel so original for the present article, but.. We like to drive around the city in some way differently.. Let us be driven or drivers of an easy Fiat 500c and having the eyes open to the present and to the past
  • Destination ArcadiaDestination Arcadia. Photos here. Arcadia can be considered a dream. It a region out of imagination. How we could reach there? a nervous ANSA Note Nissan car. Trust our taste. The supplier knows very well the characteristics and the performance of each car and consequently knows how to fit them
  • Outside the city centre of Athens Outside the city centre Attica is surrounded by sea to the north, east and south. The southern suburbs of the city, located on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, offer many opportunities for a walk along the seaside. There you will also find many beautiful both organized and free beaches, and shopping
  • Melanie the former name of EretriaMelanie the former name of Eretria (Strabo, Geography, C447) In antiquity it was the next after Halkida, an important city of the island. Participates with other Evian cities in Trojan War (Iliad, B 537) and the 8th century BC participates in the colonization of the coasts of Macedon, Corfu, but mainly
  • Melissi Korinthias, car rental ride, hotel and wine!Melissi Korinthias, car rental ride, hotel and wine! Distance from Athens 122 km. Follow the national road Corinth Athens through Elefsina toll Corinth, cross the Isthmus and take the exit to Patras Ancient Corinth. The villages and cities you meet on the route are beautiful, many traditional Corinthian
  • Christmas in town..Ας τα γιορτάσουμε φίλοι μας, με τις θερμότερες εκδηλώσεις των συναισθημάτων μας.. Και τις γενναιότερες ατομικές και συλλογικές πράξεις που απαιτούν οι καιροί που ζούμε..
  • Mycenae tour.. where the name comes from.. The region of Argolida offers natural beauty, ancient monuments, traditional cuisine, beautiful flatland and mountain villages and many other surprises. The journey from the old national road that starts from Corinth has a nice end at Nafplio of which we present here a photographic piece in album here. The
  • Visit and race at Nafplion.. Νafplion attracts Greek and foreign tourists throughout the year. Walking in the narrow streets of the first capital of the Greek state you admire buildings with strong personality and heavy history, art shops, the smart cafe, with nonchalant lovers, the boutique hotels, the picturesque harbor with
  • Meet Nemeios Dias..We gave a promise to ourselves and still we feel obliged to Pindaros and to its heroes - winners of Nemean Athletic Games to visit the Ancient and Modern Nemea, to close our eyes, to travel back many years ago in the history.. and meet them ..
  • Excursion to LavrionAttica peninsula is a beautiful place. Cape Sounion seems to be a painting cadre during sunset. Thousands of years the sun never tires offering us this spectacle. Thousands of Greek and foreign visitors do not stop to visit the Temple of Poseidon Sounion and overlook the Aegean Sea. Alternative excursion
  • Walk into the mysteries..Walk into the mysteries of Eleusis .. It is not the first time we visit Elefsina. Somewhere at the edge of our mind an obsession about mysteries, springs and watering our passion to visit the sanctuary of Eleusis. Often we hear about this ancient city and learn about cultural activities carried out
  • Ride to Xylokastro..Xylokastro plenty of aromas As you know  Xylokastro town holds one of the Nordic edges of  Peloponnese and "conversing" smoothly with Corinthian sea and through it to the opposite Incredible Rumeli! Peloponnese, Corinthia, Corinth, Xylokastro, are fascinating destinations for excursions. Set your
  • Pelion in autumn and winterPelion in autumn and winter.. The ANSA car rental will provide you with the most suitable car to absorb 100% natural pleasant 100% kilometers and beauty.. The beginning of autumn has its own beauty. The mountain view is changing as slowly abandoning the green and wears
  • Meet the heart of Athens..Meet the heart of Athens.. Ok you have chosen Greece as a destination, Athens to stay for a few days and explore it.. Ok you are a city lover and you like to explore the heart of Athens.. dare it, it is very simple.. Ok you are a Greek businessman and you are in need of rental ca but not anyone.. Ok

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